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Coming this Year!

Exciting Keynote Speakers for the 2012 Conference:

  • Dr. Kate Kinsella - Half Day Institute Saturday, June 30
  • Dr. Roy Lyster - McGill University, Canada
  • Dr. Linda Espinosa -Early Childhood Education
  • Distinguished District Award - to be announced
  • Table-talks - Tertulia featured again this year!

Alameda County Office of Education EL Conference

Veronika Lopez-Mendez and Rosa Molina were key presenters at this year's EL Conference held at CSU East Bay, January 18, 2012. Their three session on Two-Way Programs 101, Teaching ELD in a TWBI context and RtI in Dual Language were very well attended and received.


Executive Director Rosa G. Molina awarded the 2011-12 Asa G. Hilliard Award for Outstanding Achievement in Racial Equity by the Pacific Education Group Organization at the Summit for Courageous Conversation held in San Francisco, CA.

Dual Language Programs in the U.S

» Read this article about Learning in multiple languages. More parents demand immersion programs to help children thrive in a global society.

The Latino Gap: Dual Language Programs Offer Hope

» Here's another story about the growth of dual language programs in San Diego county!

Two-Way CABE Videos

» Video Interview-1: NBC

Momentum Builds for Dual-Language Learning

» Growing numbers of schools are offering dual-language classes, where teachers split instruction between English and a second language.

KQED: Facing Challenges as Dual-Language Programs Grow

» Dear members, attached is a KQED wonderful article that cautions as we rapidly expand DL programs nationwide. Benefits Of Being Bilingual: Two Languages May Delay Alzheimer's Disease

» This is research-based. More Benefits of being bilingual. It is good for your health!

NYTimes: How Immersion Helps to Learn a Language

» It is possible for adults to process a language the same way a native speaker does, and over time

ScienceDaily (Apr. 30, 2012): Bilingualism Fine-Tunes Hearing, Enhances Attention

» A new Northwestern University study provides the first biological evidence that bilinguals' rich experience with language "fine-tunes" their auditory nervous system and helps them juggle linguistic input in ways that enhance attention and working memory.

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